Monday, November 29, 2010

Sequin Much?

Number one party dress?... A sequined dress!

You might think, "that's really flashy and horrible," but I think a nice classy sequined dress would be good to go. I wouldn't pick out an ultra bright colour, unless I'm really screaming for attention. I just want a good balance.

I've always wanted a sequined dress, but I don't attend any fancy parties much to wear one. Maybe when I move to New York I'll get a chance to! I'll be like Whitney Port. Ha ha ha.

Here's some stores where you can get one:
A skirt from Forever 21 $19.80: SEQUINED SHORT SKIRT
You'll definitely get noticed in this dress $1,495: Folded-sequin silk-organza dress
For a calmer dress from H&M $59.95: dress


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