Monday, November 8, 2010

Clumps and Cows

Before I got my Sephora Mascara I had really bad mascara from Avon, it was horrible, though Avons makeup quality isn't so great. They made me look all clumpy and gross. Until one day I came upon the .. Sephora Atomic Volume Mascara! It was the solution to all my problems. Its comb is fantastic and it spreads out my eyelashs great. My lifesaver.

So almost everybody I know owns a pair of Uggs. To me Uggs = Ugly. and cruel. To me they look like mammoths on your feet and  not "fashionable". Although they do look comfy. I even read that guys don't think they are attractive at all, even Down with Webster doesn't like them. See for yourself hereGo to Clip 3 at 3:00.
So... think about it. Also many older woman wear these huge fur coats. Real fur coats. They seem so bulky and cruel and I would rather wear Uggs than wear that. They're just taking up a lot more room than cows. I love cows.   

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