Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Hallowed Be Thy Name

In love with old bands? Like ACDC, Kiss, Iron Maiden, The Beatles, Pink Floyd, etc? Vintage band t-shirts look so great and make you look musically intelligent. I have an Iron Maiden shirt.
Sometimes I wear it under a plaid shirt which is a good combination. Or I just wear it plain. HMV and Urban Outfitters sells some band t-shirts and I find a lot of them sold at thrift stores or just a vintage store. Aces High!

Feather HeadBands

So there's these headbands I been obsessing over lately and I hope I'll be able to get them this Christmas. They're feather headbands. They are so cool and vintage. I don't decorate my hair with accessories a lot, but feather headbands are amazing and are the way to go.
I am in love with this one especially: Forever 21, Elegant Feathered Leaf Headband

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Onesie not a Twosie

Onesies were in decades ago and they're still pretty cool today (Minus the disco onesies- I wouldn't wear that now). Not many stores sell them, but I find if they do, they're pretty expensive. But no worries, Christmas is coming and we can save up our money!
I couldn't pick just one romper from this polyvore website. They are all so good especially this Opening Ceremony two-tone jumpsuit: $360. A bit expensive but still great!

Winter Wonderland

It's Decemeber already! and it's getting really cold so you should all put away your summer clothes. ;) And bundle up in your jackets, warm pants, sweaters, ear muffs, gloves, scarfs and winter boots! You won't even know what cold is anymore. Here's some winterwear I would definitely pick out for the winters to come.
Ear muffs: Forever 21 $5.50
Trapper Hat: Forever 21 $14.80
Wool Leggings: Aritzia $75
Kimono Sleeve Sweater: by Chloe $198
Knit Headband: Prada $110
Fingerless Gloves: Urban Outfitters $28
Peacoat: Michael Kors $210
Leather Boots: Belstaff Barkmaster $535
Scarf: MadeWell $58

Merry Christmas.