Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Fashion Photography amazes me. It's not only the fashion in the photo, it's the way the photo was produced and captured. Its amazing! I've seen good photography and I've seen GOOD photography. These photographers are amazing. I would definitely hire them.

Guy Aroch: I love the vintage effect the camera gives the photo. He also shot the recent Arctic Monkeys Cd cover. It's very cool.

Kalle Gustafsson: I cannot explain how amazing he is. He is definitely my favourite photographer. The angles he uses are so unreal. It's so inspirational. It's more than magnificent. Here is his website.

Andy Warhol: He is probably the most well-known photographer there is. And the most brilliant with a very creative mind. He's the man that you just have to respect and look up to in photography.

Capture it.