Sunday, November 7, 2010

Combat Baby

The only thing I really want for Christmas are Combat Boots. They are so grungy and dirty but I love that about them. You can wear them with anything. Dresses and combat boots are a great combination, girly yet dark. When looking for my own pair of combat boots, really heavy and thick ones might make me look you actually came from war, I'd get ones with a slim fit to get the feminine look of it.

Here's some celebs with these boots:

 Rachel Bilson                         Spinelli         

Here is a pair of high heels combat boots you guys would like if you want a bit of height:

Restricted Combat $69.99 US : You can find these boots at an online shopping store for women. Its a $8 flat-rate shipping for Canada though.

These are a Steve Madden pair with a flannel flair.
Steve Madden Flannel Combat Boots $149.95 US : Comes in black and brown

These are my personal favourite because they are slim and simple. It's a good price and Canadian. From the shoe store Spring.
Spring Shanklin $79.99: Comes in brown, grey and black.

Hope you enjoy! And hopefully I will get mine soon.                                                

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