Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Menswear for Me.

          Menswear for womenswear. I'm pretty sure most people have worn something that guys usually wear like a dress shirt, oxfords, blazers, or ties. I'd add a feminine touch like a belt or a girly colour to it. There are also womenswear that are inspired by menswear already.

Suspenders are awesome. I'm planning to get some soon. I think they're especially good on shorts.
Dress shirts are sweet. But I'd add a belt or shape to the waist to not look baggy.
Oxfords; they're expensive if you want nice ones. I'd definitely get a slim fit pair. I have a pair of Steve Madden ones. I love them!


 I watched the Victoria Secret fashion show today. It was amazing. The models are gorgeous and everything was extravagant and extraordinary. The ideas and creativity was...  I can't even explain it. If you missed it, that's quite a shame but wait till next year's, it'll be bigger and better!

      If you want to watch things about fashion instead of reading it sometimes, the H&M fashion videos are helpful and interesting. and guys can watch them too! ;)

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