Thursday, April 28, 2011

Finders Keepers

It has been a wonderful two days!! I think these were some of my best purchases of my life.
Here are some of the stuff my sister and I got from the sales:

Dakota Group Sample Sale Spring 2011
I saw the PLV slingbacks that I mentioned in the last post, but unfortunately they were a size 6...

Co-Lab                              Matt and Nat                             Matt and Nat

          Jenny Han                                  Numph                                    Something Else (back)

My favourite purchase was the Matt & Nat backpack. I have been looking for a backpack like that for awhile. The Something Else dress has a really cool back to it that would be good for the summer.  love love love Matt and Nat (and penguins)!! (I'm also probably going to "borrow" my sister's Jenny Han Dress)

Army And Navy Annual Shoe Sale

G by Guess                                        Rocketdog  

Jessica Simpson                              Steve Madden

Whenever I go to a shoe store I always check out those blue suede Steve Maddens, but they were always too pricey. I freaked out when I saw them. They're 4 and a half inch heels but I manage. You always need simple black heels because they go with everything, so I got the Rocketdogs. The Jessica Simpson line has really cute shoes, so I've gained a bit more respect for Jessica Simpson. ;) And a classy nude kitten heel won't hurt either. :)

I'd say we did pretty good.

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