Saturday, July 2, 2011

DIY Feather Headband

So I've wanted a feather headband for a while now... ever since I saw them a a local craft market. So I decided it was time to make it myself (with the itsy-bitsiest help from my sister.............)

Materials: feathers, headband, scrap fabric, soft cardboard or stiff felt, hot glue (I’m just stunning with my Love Glue Gunning), scissors.

1.        I didn’t have a nice headband so I used an old one and took the original fabric (black with rainbow stars!) off.  And then I cut off long strips of scrap fabric. You can skip this step and the next if you already have a nice headband.

2.       I started wrapping the headband with the strips while hot-gluing the top part of the headband. (I didn’t hot-glue the bottom because it might become bumpy and sit uncomfortably on my head).

 3.       While I set the headband aside to dry off and set, I sorted out a bag of feathers I got from Michael’s. I sorted by size and the kinds of feather I wanted.

4.       I cut a piece of soft cardboard into the general shape I wanted to set the feather (see picture). Then I wrapped it in the scrap fabric and glued it together. You can probably skip this step if you have a piece of stiff felt, which I didn't have at the time.

5.       I hot-glued the longer feathers on the fabric-covered cardboard first.

6.       Then it’s just a matter of layering the feathers into the shape and look you want.

7.       When the feather piece is done, hot glue onto headband!

8.       Voila! You're a bird!

Cost: The only thing I had to buy were the bag of feathers, which cost $2.50 after the 50% off coupon at Michael’s.

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