Saturday, June 25, 2011


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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Headband Headache

Headbands. Bandana Headbands. Housewife headbands. The look is fabulous! A bandana headband with a leather jacket, the lady gaga tough look. The rolled headbands, the housewife look: the hot version. ;)

Tribute to Tribal

I went into Forever 21 the other day and all I saw were tribal inspired wear. And again. I LOVED it. I've never thought about that kinda of style before but the more I saw the tribal shirts, pants, one pieces, and maxi dresses it just made a whole new look for everybody. Something new is whats best.

Flower Power

Hippies! I wish I lived in that decade, where you don't care about anything. I love the maxi skirts, the headband around the forehead, paisley, flowers! and the shades. And you cannot forget about the tie-dye shirts.  PEACE.

Yellow Polka Dot Bikini

So it's the summer time and we all gotta go to the beach! Of course you gotta wear a bathing. and you gotta find the perfect one. I love the retro bathing suits a lot which are coming in to style even more now and the cool sexy one pieces. I just like to have them all!

Here's a particular favourite I really want: a Betsey Johnson Swimsuit

Hopefully everyday this summer will be super sunny and I can go to the beach as much as I can!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Feather Weather

Indie fashion is so cool! I've been so into these Indie fashion headdresses, but it'll be kind of weird if we wore them on the streets, but they're just SO COOL! Somebody could have wore them at the royal wedding as a fascinator though. Another Native look to go for would be these feather earrings or feather extensions. I'm thinking feathers are going to be the new big style soon.
Lucy Hale from Pretty Little Liars was styled with these feather extensions which look really nice.

$5 WHAT?!

 H&M sale. WHAT?!

MMVA 2011

Hopefully you saw the MMVA's yesterday and saw everyone's outfits. I was so happy that Black Keys and City and Colour got to show off their awesome music but only on an itty bitty stage. Too bad Foster the People didn't play yesterday.You might not know them but they are one of my favourite bands and they wear dress capris; which means they gotta have nice style!

Did anyone notice and Justin Bieber and Cody Simpson practically wore the same thing? A white blazer with a graphic t-shirt and skinny jeans. Who's copying who? Personally I think Cody dressed better than Justin, Justin was a little on the try hard side adding that pink scarf in his pocket.

My favourite dress of the evening was probably Nikki Reed's strapless bubble dress, but Selena Gomez's red carpet dress was stunning as well, maybe a little bit too low. Lady Gaga? Cool but nah.